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Print with Multiple Labels on Sheets

Render multiple labels per page and align with popular sheets from Avery and U-LINE

Multiple Labels on Sheets graphic

Printing to sheets of labels should be easy, but without Label LIVE it's a nightmare. Label LIVE puts the adjustment power in your hands to craft pixel-perfect PDFs. Use the Sheet Setup feature to align your sheets precisely, without tedious trial-and-error.

Trust the Dimensions

Does it seem like every time you print sheets you get something different? Sometimes it's tough to trust the printer.

With Label LIVE, create PDFs with fully adjustable dimensions.

PDF output you can trust.

sheet margin

Printing to sheets used to keep us up at night.

What is it about a sheet of paper that makes grown adults run out of a room screaming? Is it the fact that most printers have "smart" margins, or try to be even "smarter" and auto-scale your page to fit whatever printable area the printer seems to print?

Tuning sheet dimensions within Label LIVE is fun and rewarding. The exact opposite from what you might have experienced in the past.

sheet demo

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