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I'm Caylan, and I Build Label Printer Software

For as long as I've used computers I dreaded struggling with label printers. As a software developer, I knew things could be different if someone took the time to build modern software that worked with many different kinds of printers.

Now, after years of development, you can enjoy the fruit of our programming labor. Label LIVE is the solution to the problem of clunky label printer software.

To learn how Label LIVE can solve your label-printing problems, you can see me demonstrate its features on our YouTube channel. You can design the labels you want to print. It's 2023—use your Mac or Windows PC and give Label LIVE a try.

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Label LIVE is made and supported in Minnesota, USA

I run a software consulting firm named Semireg Industries, LLC. I created Label LIVE after experimenting with many different printer models and a lot of clunky software. The beta version of Label LIVE came out in 2018. Since then, I've worked directly with users in a range of different fields, from retail to engineering, to continually improve this software.

Hands-on support for Label LIVE

You might be surprised to see my name or hear my voice when you email or call. That’s because I handle nearly all of Label LIVE’s software support. That means you'll get help from the person who knows Label LIVE best. It also keeps me in touch with the needs and challenges of our users. User feedback has already driven a variety of fixes and updates to Label LIVE. I look forward to hearing from you.

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How to make Label LIVE work for you, in detail.

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