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Mail Merge With Spreadsheet And Labels

Import Data

Mail merge can be incredibly frustrating. It's an ancient computing term that no one understands. You could sit and watch hours of videos on how to setup mail merge with Word and Excel, but you'll still be shaking your head at how clumsy it feels. Often, you'll get it half working, only to realize the labels you're printing don't print correctly.

Lucky for you, Label LIVE makes mail merge very easy. Let's use a basic spreadsheet of addresses.

Download and open Label LIVE:

  1. Click on the "Data" tab

  2. Click "Import"

  3. Choose your spreadsheet or CSV

  4. Verify that your data rows look đź‘Ť

Setup Label Text

Next, you're going to add a Text object. This is where the address information will load. You do this using "variables." Variables are just a special way to insert the spreadsheet columns into your label.

  1. Add Text object

  2. Center the text on the label

  3. Change Wrap to None and make the Text object as wide as the label

  4. Set the anchor to be on center so the text always grows from the middle

  5. Insert the data variables

Here's the text I used in the Text box:


Choose Label Output

Label LIVE can make labels in many different formats.

  • PDFs where every page is a label. This works for most label printers where the labels are on a roll.

  • PDFs where multiple labels are on the page. This works for sheets of labels compatible with inkjet and laser printers.

  • Images where every label is an image saved to your computer. Great for bulk submission to manufacturing processes.

  • Print each label directly to a supported thermal label printer. Excellent for performance and fine-tuning thermal printing.

Here's an example of a PDF where each label is a "page" in the PDF.

Here's another example of a PDF where a sheet contains multiple labels (Avery 5160).

With Label LIVE, you can easily configure your own sheets by measuring the page dimensions.

Sample Files

Download Today

Label LIVE is a great tool for modern mail merge. This example only uses text, but with Label LIVE, you can include images, barcodes, shapes, and serial number functionality. These features are just a few clicks away. Call me crazy, but Label LIVE makes mail merge ... fun!

Download Label LIVE