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Design Features

Flexible Tools for the Labels You Want

Label LIVE smoothly manages hundreds of rows of data, changing text, updating barcodes, injecting colors, and everything in between. Our design tools combine ease and customization, even for complex jobs.

  • Beautifully boring UPCs to magically mundane QR Codes

    Generate just about any kind of barcode. As you input your data, labels update instantly. All of our supported barcodes integrate seamlessly with your business workflow.

    Barcodes 👉
    barcodes on a conveyor belt graphic
  • Fit your text without the mess

    Label LIVE automatically scales text size to fit within your label width, anchors text fields to corners, and deletes blank lines. When you need to incorporate a lot of information into your label, our design tools keep it neat and consistent.

    Complex Text 👉
    Complex Text Handling graphic
  • What you see on the label designer screen is what prints on the label

    Label LIVE handles high-resolution images both large and small. Add any image you want to your design—you can make it work with full-color printers and black-and-white low DPI models alike.

    Images 👉
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  • Take the guesswork out of clunky "landscape" and "portrait" modes

    When it's time to print, a simple arrow points in the direction that the label will be come out. Design labels in the orientation that makes sense to you, without waste or confusion.

    Size and Orientation 👉
    feature orientation
  • Save and re-use designs on Windows and macOS

    Save all of your custom Label LIVE designs to your computer for future printing. Need to make a new label based on an old design? Duplicate a saved design template with a single click, then keep customizing. Read more in our FAQ below.

    Saved Label Files 👉
    Saved Design Files graphic
  • Full control over dashes, dots, thickness and color

    Label LIVE lets you customize your design with squares, circles and lines. Each object has separate fill and outline colors. Outlines can sport custom dash-dot patterns and squares can round their corners for a professional look. Read more in our guide below.

    Shapes and Lines 👉
    Shapes and Lines graphic
  • When text or barcodes change size, make sure they stay put

    When you're printing labels from a spreadsheet, text and barcodes can grow larger or shrink smaller. Anchor points help you rein in the complexity of dynamic data.

    Anchor Points 👉
  • Design around die-cut borders or pre-printed label art

    Non-printable objects let you set aside space in your layout to incorporate what's already on your labels. Check out the related guide below.

    Non-Printing Objects 👉
    Non-Printing Objects graphic
  • Change the color of text, shapes and barcodes using spreadsheet data

    You can "program" your label based on spreadsheet data. Label LIVE gives you easy-to-use variables for advanced label printing. Read more in a guide below.

    Dynamic Color 👉
    Dynamic Color graphic
  • Load the images you need, as you print

    Until now, generating labels with dynamic images would have involved a programmer. With Label LIVE, you can use your data to pull up the right image for each label, via URLs or filesystem paths on your computer.

    Dynamic Images 👉
    Dynamic Images graphic

People love Label LIVE, seriously

Label LIVE Reviews
It prints beautifully, the image quality is great. I love the anchor points, they are nearly reason enough to buy the app!
Abel S.

Facilities and Operations Manager


I always saw people struggling and hating printing labels. I experienced the opposite with Label LIVE.
Christian M.

Digital Media


Easy to use, clean UI, works really well & includes all the features I need, especially fetching label & barcode data from spreadsheet.
Lash M.

Luxury Goods & Jewelery


Ease of installation and configuration, flexibility, multi-printer support, ability to print from a spreadsheet, and exceptional customer support.
Nick H.

Graphic Designer


Ease of installation, and connection to [Zebra] printer was a breeze. Ability to pull data straight from spreadsheet tables provides users a truly powerful and time-saving tool.
Tom F.

Owner, Oil & Energy Company


The software is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate through. This is a great investment for anyone who makes labels on a daily basis—especially if you haven't found a program that is right for you yet.
Dana S.

Marketing, Furniture Company


Label LIVE is very easy to use and gives you options to adjust multiple facets of each label. Also a big bonus of being able to save sheets of labels—printing 120 at a time is typical in our office.
Kathryn B.

Inventory Assistant


I really like the simplicity and that you easily can import XLS files and work with several products at once but only with one label template that you create really easily with this software.
Petter N

CEO, Arts and Crafts Company


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