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Laboratories around the world handle a dizzying array of samples every day. With each sample comes a complex batch of data that lab scientists need to keep consistent. That data impacts crucial medical test results for millions of people, scientific breakthroughs, or environmental monitoring, among other important uses. Often, a lot of information needs to fit on a label small enough to wrap around a test tube.

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About USA Scientific

USA Scientific, the leading retailer of lab equipment, wanted to offer customers a powerful and flexible solution for labeling samples. Every lab out there is working with different data sets, different label formats, different methods of tracking a sample as it moves through different processes.

A package deal

This challenge called for an all-in-one package of software and hardware. Busy labs demand label printers and software that work well together, right out of the box. Scientists processing a high volume of samples cannot spare much time to learn new software or struggle with a temperamental design interface.

Thanks to myDPI printers and Label LIVE software, labs can quickly meet their labeling needs and focus on the results that matter. USA Scientific sells the myDPI 300v1 Direct Thermal Printer at an unbeatable price point, bundled with Label LIVE's user-friendly printing software.

Some label printer and software bundles require users to stick with proprietary label format. This can drive up costs, and make it hard to adapt to the needs of different labs. myDPI printers work with a wide range of label formats and brands. That gives each user the choice and flexibility they need.

To make things even more flexible, Label LIVE works with all major printer brands.


From spreadsheet to label

Labs incorporate a lot of data into a tiny label on a test tube, thousands of times a day. How to make all that information fit into a square inch or less of space, much less arrange it all in a tidy way, without causing endless design headaches?

Label LIVE makes it easy to import spreadsheet data. The software's intuitive, visual design tools can take information about thousands of samples, then make it translate consistently in whatever format the user prefers. Rather than designing individual labels over and over again, a scientist can use one design to print off a whole batch, seamlessly incorporating data points for each sample.

Thanks to Label LIVE's customizable approach, this can be as simple or as complicated as a given user needs. In the world of laboratories, that can get very complicated. Label LIVE tools make it possible to print multiple, individualized labels on a single sheet, even if some of those labels incorporate different design elements.


Time-saving templates

Label LIVE lets users share the benefits of all that powerful customization. The software duplicates saved design files with a single click. Some laboratories have created sophisticated Label LIVE templates, then made them available for sale or download. (That's in addition to the variety of free templates already available on Label LIVE's website.)

This saves a great deal of time and effort, especially at labs where a complex label design needs to stay consistent across multiple workstations. No matter how many tests and samples the lab is handling in a given day, Label LIVE ensures that label design only needs to get done once.

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