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Label LIVE and Bulleit Bourbon

When a customer wants to mark a special occasion with a bottle of whiskey, or give one as a gift, they love the idea of adding a special note to the bottle's label. The brand marketing challenge is doing that while making sure it still looks every bit like a genuine bottle.

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About Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit offers customers the chance to put a personal touch on something iconic. The long-running Kentucky distillery puts its popular whiskeys in bottles you can't mistake for anything else: The broad shape, raised lettering on the glass, the rectangular label with rugged yet elegant text.

A portable solution

The company first used the old method for customizing bottles: engraving the customer's message right into the glass. This didn't work for special events or pop-ups at stores. The engraving machines often broke down. They were expensive to repair. They were difficult to operate. This made it hard to offer personalized bottles to more customers at more locations.

Luckily, the company's printed labels are also a key part of what makes a bottle of Bulleit. Label LIVE's powerful, customizable design tools made it easy to print personalized labels at events and liquor stores all over the country.

Bulleit now has Label LIVE-powered printing kiosks that make custom labels available at more than 50 locations.

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Keeping it classic

Label LIVE support worked with Bulleit's brand team to make sure everything in the classic label design translated to this new solution. The fonts and colors needed to be just right. Bulleit also needed to make this available for each variety of whiskey it sells, from its bourbon to its American Single Malt.

The user-friendly Label LIVE interface switches between the label designs for the different whiskeys. From there, the user can enter the customer's desired text and double-check it.

The software is easy to learn and inexpensive. That means that more users can deploy it at more locations, without the need for special training. Users can print these customized Bulleit labels on-site, even if they're not connected to the internet.

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Making it an experience

Bulleit worked with an experiential marketing company to incorporate its whiskeys into events. Unlike an engraving machine, a printing kiosk allows staff at events to start making customized bottle labels in seconds.

Whether they're visiting a Bulleit booth at a food festival or stopping by their neighborhood liquor store for a tasting, customers can visit an on-demand printing kiosk and leave with their own personalized bottle. Label LIVE makes sure it looks right every time—and helps the company offer a special experience wherever it goes.

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