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Why is the watermark still printing?


Find out why a watermark may still be printing and how to fix it

There are a few reasons why a watermark may still be printing.

App Store Purchases

  • If you purchased from the Mac App Store and launched the app without Internet. Make sure your Internet is connected and try quitting and opening the app again.

  • If you purchased from the Mac App Store the "receipt" might be missing. You will need to restore the purchase. Apple will only charge you once - so you can safely purchase again.

Are you printing barcodes?

  • You need a Business License to print barcodes. Printing a barcode with a Personal License will print a watermark. You can easily upgrade for the price difference. Check inside the app for the Business Upgrade.

Did your subscription expire?

A Label LIVE subscription requires an Internet connection to refresh the license at least once before the license expires. Learn how to refresh the license here:

Are you printing to a mydpi printer?

Label LIVE will automatically license itself for mydpi printers. Just plugin the printer and after a few seconds, you should be good to go.

Is Internet required to use mydpi?

Although the initial licensing requires an Internet connection, the mydpi license will work offline. If the computer you're trying to license is permanently offline, you can follow these instructions for registering an offline computer, Once registered, contact us to receive a complimentary offline license.

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