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Why is the watermark still printing?


Find out why a watermark may still be printing and how to fix it

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There are a few reasons why a watermark may still be printing.

App Store Purchases

  • If you purchased from the Mac App Store and launched the app without Internet. Make sure your Internet is connected and try quitting and opening the app again.

  • If you purchased from the Mac App Store the "receipt" might be missing. You will need to restore the purchase. Apple will only charge you once - so you can safely purchase again.

Are you printing barcodes?

  • You need a Business License to print barcodes. Printing a barcode with a Personal License will print a watermark. You can easily upgrade for the price difference. Check inside the app for the Business Upgrade.

Did your subscription expire?

A Label LIVE subscription requires an Internet connection to refresh the license at least once before the license expires. Learn how to refresh the license here:

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