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Can I license a computer not connected to the Internet?


Copy the computer's registration and manually add the computer to the Label LIVE License Manager website.

Computers don't always have an Internet connection. We made Label LIVE so it can be installed, licensed, and used without ever being connected to the Internet. These kinds of computers are often called "isolated" or "air-gapped" because they are disconnected, either for security purposes or because of other environmental or business restrictions.

Install Label LIVE

Download Label LIVE on at least one computer that is connected to the Internet. You can save the downloaded installation file to a USB drive to allow transfer to the remote computer. You will want to install Label LIVE on at least one computer connected to the Internet.

Signup for a License Account

To signup for an account you will need Label LIVE installed on at least one computer connected to the Internet This can only happen inside Label LIVE by clicking on the "Watermark" button and entering your email address. Follow the instructions you receive in your email to finish setting up your account.

This computer's registration information will show on the licensing website. Chances are you don't want to purchase a license for this computer, so you can safely ignore it.

Copy Isolated Computer Registration

On the isolated computer, install Label LIVE and click on the Watermark button. Click on "Copy Registration." This will copy the registration to the clipboard so it can be pasted in another application. You may want to paste to a text file using Notepad or TextEdit and save to a USB storage device.

Note that the computer in this screenshot 6F9-32R-23F is the same as the previous screenshot. Your isolated computer will have a different name. Take note of that name, because you will purchase a license for that computer.

Register Computer

Transfer the computer registration code back to a computer connected to the Internet and click on "Buy and Manage Licenses" to open the Label LIVE License website. Add the computer to your account by clicking the dropdown menu button and click Add.

Paste in the computer registration ID and click Register.

The computer is now registered. Click on the isolated computer's name to show purchasing options.

Purchase and Install One-Time License

Because the isolated computer is not connected to the Internet you should purchase a one-time license – not a subscription. Subscriptions require an Internet connection at least once per month to refresh the license expiration.

After you purchase a one-time license you can copy the license code or download a license file.

The code or file will need to be transferred to the isolated computer. On that computer, you can either double-click the license file or paste in the license using this button.

Enjoy your new Label LIVE license. Thank you for your business!

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