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Label LIVE Reviews
Label LIVE is very easy to use and gives you options to adjust multiple facets of each label. Also a big bonus of being able to save sheets of labels—printing 120 at a time is typical in our office.
Kathryn B.

Inventory Assistant


I really like the simplicity and that you easily can import XLS files and work with several products at once but only with one label template that you create really easily with this software.
Petter N

CEO, Arts and Crafts Company


Everything is working superbly and is going to make my life easier. I am both a quality and efficiency freak and believe those two things go hand in hand. Thank you a million for being so responsive to my requests. You've created a great product.
John M.

Business Owner


The efficiencies it created in my daily routine along with the control it gave me in assigning and logging record #'s over my employees. As owner/President I hold 100% liability if something is off with the assigned numbers. Before I couldn't do this, now I am able.
James L.

Fine Art


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