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How do I move a license to a different computer?


Login to Label LIVE on your new computer and send us an email with the new computer's name.

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This is an answer on how to switch, change, or otherwise move an existing Label LIVE license to another computer or PC.


If you haven't already, Download Label LIVE and install on the new computer.

Login to License Account

From Label LIVE’s Home screen:

  • Click on the Watermark or License button

  • Click “Buy or Manage Licenses”

  • Log in with your Label LIVE license account

You can immediately start a Free Trial for this new computer. Do this if you need to print now. There is no delay and you can immediately begin printing labels.

Note Computer Names

The “Computer Name” is displayed on the License screen. For example, this computer’s name ends in “23F.”

Email Support

Use your email account to send a message to Include the old and new computer name:

Example: ”Please move my license from my old Mac computer ending in 23F to new Mac computer ending in ABC.

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