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Print Labels from Google Sheets

Today, Label LIVE can import data from files: Excel and CSV. We are hard at work bringing you a more seamless experience. If you'd like to be a part of the upcoming beta please Contact Us.

Export CSV

Until we release our new Google Sheet Add-on, please follow these simple instructions to export a Google Sheet as a CSV file.

Import CSV

Once downloaded, click Data > Import.

After importing, you can begin to follow our guide on print labels from a spreadsheet.


Label LIVE automatically watches previously imported data files for changes. This is great if you're editing a local spreadsheet because changes are automatically synchronized.

With Google Sheets, you have to download a new CSV to sync your changes. To avoid this extra step, you can use a service like Zapier or IFTTT to automatically export a CSV to Google Drive or Dropbox. When synced, the file will update automatically on your local computer and Label LIVE will reload the data.

You might also be interested on how to trigger print jobs programatically.

Label LIVE's Google Sheet Add-on

We are working hard on a Google Sheet Add-on that will allow you to trigger print jobs directly from Google Sheets. If you're interested in participating in an early beta please Contact Us.