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Batch Import and Print with Data Files

Wouldn't it be nice if you could save a copy of a spreadsheet into a special folder and Label LIVE would takeover and handle the entire print job? You can easily batch import and print with data files. Find out how to set this up with Batch Data Import.

Batch Data Import In A Nutshell

We won't sugar coat this: batch data import is an advanced topic.

You're going to trigger print jobs by simply saving a spreadsheet. Here is the situation:

  1. You have an existing label design

  2. You are getting tired of hitting the print button

  3. You want to just save/export a data file and have Label LIVE do the rest

Here's how that will work in practice:

  1. Open your design

  2. Ensure a Batch folder is selected

  3. Double-check your print settings such as: printer selection, data rows (ALL), label copies (a variable?)

  4. Save a copy of a spreadsheet (or CSV) to the Batch folder, then Label LIVE...

    1. automatically imports the file!

    2. automatically prints the design!

    3. deletes the file in the Batch folder

  5. Celebrate!

If this type of batch import sounds like something you need, read on!

Let's Get Comfortable

Once you have your design and data import working perfectly, you can follow along with this guide to learn how to trigger a print job by saving a copy of a spreadsheet to a special location on your computer.

This guide assumes you have already designed and printed your labels. If you haven't yet read how to Print Labels from Excel, check out our guide here:

Make Sure Your Variables Are Rock Solid

To use Batch Data Import you will need a few variables that are updating when you import new data.

In this example of batch importing, I've loaded a CSV with some colors. Click the "Batch" button on the Data tab.

Select a new and preferably empty folder on your computer that will be used as a place where copies of spreadsheets can be saved.

Why An Empty Folder For These Batch Items?

We're using an empty folder for this batch import process because Label LIVE will watch the folder for new files. Anytime a new file is created, Label LIVE gets to work by importing, printing and then deleting the file.

Double-Check Print Settings

Label LIVE will use the existing Print settings. Some things to check:

  • Select the correct printer

  • Change Data Rows to ALL

  • Change Label Copies to a variable, if required

Regarding the last point above, you can selectively print certain rows by including a column in the spreadsheet that tells Label LIVE how many copies to print. Read more about that here:

Create the Batch File

Remember: Batch files are temporary, they will be deleted once they are processed.

All you have to do to trigger a print job is save a copy of the spreadsheet or CSV file to the Batch import folder.

We can't stress this enough so we'll say it again: Make sure to save a copy. Why? Because Label LIVE will delete the batch file once it has been processed. This is more a housekeeping process. Your folder won't become cluttered with copies of the same batch file.

Lots of Files?

Label LIVE will print each batch file one-by-one, deleting each as they are processed. Once you feel like one file works as expected, feel free to dump in 10 or 50 batch files. Label LIVE can handle it!

How Can We Make This Batch Importing Guide Better?

Features like this batch import guide come from your feedback. Do you have an idea to make this better? Contact us!

More Printing Integration Options

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