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Why is my label printing too small or too large?


The printer driver's default paper (page) size must match your label dimensions.

If you've read through the difference between USB Thermal Printers and System Printers, you know that there are two different ways Label LIVE can print.

This question is for users using a system printer driver.

Windows System Printer Driver Settings

Label LIVE offers a quick "Custom Settings" button on Windows.

  1. Select your printer and hover over the printer icon

  2. Click Custom Settings

  3. Change the paper size

  4. Click OK to save the changes

These settings are saved per design document (lsc). If you change printers you will need to repeat this process for the new printer.

If all label designs use the same label size, you can change the default within the printer driver itself in Windows Settings.

Some printers require checking "Compatibility Mode" on the Print tab.

macOS System Printer Driver Settings

In System Preferences (or Settings) choose Printers and Scanners. Select your printer and choose the Default paper size.

Other issues?

Check out our other answers on skipping labels and printer calibration.

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