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Why is my printer skipping labels?


Ensure your printer is calibrated and the label size matches the label.

Sometimes you might notice your printer skips a label, causing blanks to be ejected without anything printing. Here are the top ways to fix skipping labels:


Every thermal label printer has an internal sensor to align the start of each label. If the printer thinks that a large label is installed but now you're printing on smaller labels, it may still eject the same amount of label material. This causes blanks to be ejected. Frustrating!

The fix is pretty easy. Check out our Calibration Guide for details on how to calibrate your printer.

Label Size Too Long?

If you are telling the printer to print on a label that is just a bit too large, you may find the printer ejects an extra label. It does this because it sensed it tried to print on a 2nd label, so it's ejecting it out of concern that it was "used."

To fix this "edge case," try shortening the label size by a small amount like 2-3mm (1/8").


Are you sure your label design is 2x3" and not 3x2"? If your label is coming out sideways, it might just need a rotation. You can change the orientation on the Label tab.

Hint: The arrow on the Label/Print tabs is the direction the label ejects from the printer.

Continuous Height or Width?

The Label tab sometimes features a checkbox for Continuous media. Only check this box if you are printing the equivalent of non-perforated ribbon that requires you to tear (or your printer to cut) the resulting label.

Hint: If your labels print and are individually removable you should leave Continuous unchecked.

Default Paper Size

If you're using the System Printer Driver you should double-check the driver's default paper size. Check out the following FAQ for details.

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