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How do I indent the first line of text?


Find directions on how to ident your first line of text on labels

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Sometimes you may find it necessary to indent the first line of text because of pre-printed text on a custom label. For example, on an ingredient label where the text "Ingredients:" already exists.

Your job is to put a title at the top and the ingredients starting right after Ingredients:.

Non-Printing Placeholder

To start, place a non-printing placeholder of Ingredients: in the approximate location of the pre-printed text. Use the "eye" button to make the object not print. Notice how it turns gray.

This is here to aide in visual design and alignment.

Underlined Title

Now, add the title text box for the product description. I chose to use underline markup and a variable named PRODUCT and selected Wrap: None (Auto Fit) so the text would automatically shrink to fit.

Now, add a text box that overlaps the Ingredients, and add a dozen spaces in front of the variable to push the first line to the right. Make sure to select Wrap: Word so the ingredients wrap to the next line.

Now you can easily adjust your title and ingredients on a simple form.

Final Print

When printed, the "Ingredients:" will be missing, and the actual ingredient list will be indented to make room for the pre-printed ingredient text.

Remember, we intentionally hide "Ingredients:" because we are printing to a label where that text is pre-printed.


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