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How do I transfer my App Store license to a Direct license?

There are two ways to buy Label LIVE:

  • App Store, or

  • Direct using Label LIVE downloaded from this website

Downloading Direct from our website has a few advantages:

  • Full control of software updates

  • Install beta versions

  • Downgrade to older versions

  • Offline licenses (works without Internet)

Sometimes a user will want to transfer their App Store license to a “direct” license.

1. Uninstall (App Store Version)

Mac: Move the app to the Trash

Windows: Search for Label LIVE. Right-click on the Label LIVE icon, and select Uninstall.

2. Download Direct Version

Click here to download Label LIVE

3. Signup for Licensing Account

Label LIVE license accounts are separate from your App Store account.

From Label LIVE’s Home screen, click on the Watermark button and enter your email address.

4. Check Email and Setup Account

You will receive an email. If you don’t see it, check your spam or junk folders. Click on the email’s Setup link and set up your account password.

5. Login and Optionally Start a Free Trial

You can immediately start a Free Trial. Do this if you need to print now. There is no delay and you can immediately begin printing labels.

6. Email Support

Use your email account to send a message to If possible, please include App Store proof of purchase. This will help us match you with an appropriate license.

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