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How do I setup a custom label on a sheet?


On the Print tab, click the "Label PDF" or "Labels on Roll" to the Sheet option, then click on the blue Sheet preview to show the Sheet Setup popup. Measure and enter the details of your custom sheet.

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There are thousands of different kinds of sheets. We added the most popular brands but differences in printer drivers (default margins) can make a sheet misaligned from one printer to another.

To help mitigate this issue Label LIVE makes it easy to adjust all of the margin measurements to get pixel-perfect aligned sheets. You have the power to make your own sheets work for your exact needs.

Setup Label Size and Orientation

Measure one label and enter in the height and width (pink), ensuring that the orientation arrow (blue) is aligned with the direction the sheet feeds through the printer.

Enable Sheets

We recommend using Print Preview to test. The generated PDF is great to learn how Label LIVE will work with your printer without wasting expensive sheets.

On the Print tab, change Label PDF to Sheet PDF.

Tip: Check the Alignment Lines box to automatically print label borders, margin lines, and 1" (or 1cm) dotted lines. When test pages are printed on plain paper you can hold this test page up to the light along with a real sheet and see where alignment needs to be corrected.

Sheet Setup

Click on the sheet preview to display the Sheet Setup. Here you can enter the sheet size (full sheet containing all labels).

Paper Size

Click "FULL PAGE" to change the paper size to Letter or A4. You can also manually change the full page paper size by entering in your own measurements.

Label Margins

The label layout is done from left to right and top to bottom.

  • Margin Left: From the top-left label, measure the distance to the left edge of the sheet.

  • Margin Top: From the top-left label, measure the distance to the top edge of the sheet.

  • Spacing Horizontal: The "gap" between each column of labels.

  • Spacing Vertical: The "gap" between each row of labels.


Keep at 100% unless you find that the alignment lines are not to scale. For example, if the 1" alignment lines are printing at 0.95" then a scale factor of 105% could be applied to try to match the dimensions. Printer drivers are largely responsible for these discrepancies, and worse, they can change between printer drivers.

Label Copies

Before you print, adjust the Label Copies to print 1 Full Sheet. This will cause all labels to become blue in the preview.

Tip: To skip used labels, type the number of labels you want to skip in the "Skip Labels" field. Skipping a label will preview a gray box for the skipped labels.

Print a PDF

Click the print button (blue) and watch the PDF open. Note the red margin lines (left and top), the 1" dotted lines, and the label outlines.

Tip: Uncheck Alignment Lines when you are satisfied and ready to print to real sheets.

Adding Serial Number

For completeness, here's an example of adding a basic serial number (Data > Help > Serial Number) and clicking print.

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