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How do I hide blank lines in a text box?


Click the eraser button on the text object.

Sometimes when designing a label with multiple lines, the lines themselves might be optional. In the case where you're using variables and a form, this can lead to annoying blank lines showing in your final design.

Address Label Example

For example, here's a basic address label with name, two address lines, a city, state and zipcode. What happens when the second address line is blank?

Grrr.... Easy fix! Click the eraser button on the text object.

Empty lines are now removed from the text object.

Best of all, the second address line will display properly if added to the form.

One Small Gotcha

This won't work if NAME, ADDRESS, etc are all in separate text objects. In order for Label LIVE to remove blank lines, the lines need to appear one after another, like this:


Other Considerations

Here are a few other ideas to make your label designs awesome.

  • Use one text box when appropriate

  • Change the Anchor to be centered

  • Use Wrap: None (Auto Fit) to automatically scale the text to fit within the label

  • Change the Data tab to Form for improved data entry

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