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Why is my spreadsheet column not working?


Double-check that your column's first row has a simple name such as "SKU" or "PRICE."

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Label LIVE makes it easy to import spreadsheet and CSV data. Sometimes your data doesn't load as you might expect. Here's a quick checklist to double-check to make sure your data imports perfectly every time.

Column Naming

Imported columns are turned into "variables" and have a few limitations.

  • Every column needs a name

  • The first row (header row) is used as the column name

  • Header rows should be simple. e.g. "SKU" or "PRICE"

  • Spaces and punctuation will be removed

  • All letters will become capitalized

  • Name must start with a letter (numbers are allowed within a name)


  • Name

  • Address

  • C1

  • Product Code

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