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How to Print Labels From an Excel Spreadsheet

You can easily import a spreadsheet of your label data. This data can be printed on your Mac or Windows PC using using inkjet, laser or common label printers from DYMO, Brother, mydpi, Zebra, ROLLO and more.

Ultimate Guide to Label Printer Troubleshooting

Need to figure out how to fix your printer so your labels print perfectly? Check out our curated list of frequently asked questions.

Can I use a license on more than one computer?

Label LIVE is designed to be licensed per computer. If you have 3 people using 3 computers to print, then you will need 3 licenses. There are a few exceptions for one-time licenses: You are a solo entrepreneur with two computers (e.g. desktop and laptop for travel). We can offer you a free duplicate license. Someone is going on maternity/paternity leave and their temporary replacement needs a license on their computer. We can offer you a free duplicate license. If any of these fit your situation then please contact us, (/contact). We are a small business and we understand that you need to see value in every purchase you make. We are confident that Label LIVE will save you time and money, so please purchase additional licenses when our software adds value to your business. Did you change or replace a computer? If so, check out this other FAQ. Are you currently using the Mac App Store version? If so, you might want to read this. And lastly, you only need a license to generate and print labels. You may use Label LIVE unlicensed to design and save labels.

How do I move a Direct license to a different computer?

This is an answer on how to switch, change, or otherwise move an existing Label LIVE license to another computer or PC. Download If you haven't already, Download Label LIVE, (/download) and install on the new computer. Login to License Account From Label LIVE’s Home screen: Click on the Watermark or License button Click “Buy or Manage Licenses” Log in with your Label LIVE license account Screenshot showing how to manage licenses on Label LIVE You can immediately start a Free Trial for this new computer. Do this if you need to print now. There is no delay and you can immediately begin printing labels. Note Computer Names The “Computer Name” is displayed on the License screen. For example, this computer’s name ends in “23F.” Screen shot showing the computer name on Label LIVE Email Support Use your email account to send a message to, ( Include the old and new computer name: Example: ”Please move my license from my old Mac computer ending in 23F to new Mac computer ending in ABC.”

Supported Printers

Label LIVE supports printers from standard inkjet and laser models to specialized color label printers.

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