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Bulk print labels from Microsoft Excel, easily

Printing labels from an Excel spreadsheet is often costly and difficult. Label LIVE makes it easy.

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  • Use variables
    Quickly add dynamic data to your labels that updates for different prints.

  • Generate barcodes
    Generate unique barcodes in many different styles from Excel data.

  • Batch print thousands
    Easily print unique and individual labels when you're printing thousands.

    Print labels from Excel data, CSVs and more

    Easily create thousands of label variations based on data in an Excel spreadsheet—from different part labels to modifying ingredients in your product line.

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      Start printing your labels today

      Label LIVE takes the stress and challenge out of printing labels. Get your life back, get your labels printed.

      • Simple user interface
        Keep things simple with an easy-to-use interface that makes printing a breeze.

      • Master label printing

        Get your labels right the first time with our tutorials and guides.

      • Barcode generation
        Generate product barcodes from data or individually and use the on labels.

      • Share your templates

        Send your templates or files to colleagues or loved ones to review or work on.

      • Try for 14 days

        Use our 14 day free trial to get a feel for Label LIVE and test out printing.

      • Import data from CSVs

        Automatically import data from CSV files and use it dynamically.

      • Next-level support
        Use today and give feedback to request new features or improvements.

      • Works with nearly all printers
        Brother, DYMO, ROLLO, Zebra and many more! All without clunky drivers.

      • Buy licenses
        No need to be on a permanent subscription—we offer simple licenses.

        Find out why Label LIVE is the best

        Easily create thousands of label variations based on data in an Excel spreadsheet—from different part labels to modifying ingredients in your product line.

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        People love Label LIVE, seriously

        I had a last minute order that needed labels. We had not planned on this particular order going out until my admin returned. Support walked me through it with ease. From a small business to another, kudos on your top notch customer service.
        Joshua D.

        Owner, Consumer Goods Company


        Ease of installation and configuration, flexibility, multi-printer support, ability to print from a spreadsheet, and exceptional customer support.
        Nick H.

        Graphic Designer


        The software is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate through. This is a great investment for anyone who makes labels on a daily basis - especially if you haven't found a program that is right for you yet.
        Dana S.

        Marketing, Furniture Company


        Ease of installation, and connection to [Zebra] printer was a breeze. Ability to pull data straight from spreadsheet tables provides users a truly powerful and time-saving tool.
        Tom F.

        Owner, Oil & Energy Company


        I really like the simplicity and that you easily can import XLS files and work with several products at once but only with one label template that you create really easily with this software.
        Petter N

        CEO, Arts and Crafts Company


        Label LIVE is very easy to use and gives you options to adjust multiple facets of each label. Also a big bonus of being able to save sheets of labels—printing 120 at a time is typical in our office.
        Kathryn B.

        Inventory Assistant


        This software is super simple to use and code to create perfect and awesome looking labels for all our products. Any time I ran into a question as hard or as simple as they come, representative was so great at responding with a solution immediately. Thanks for an excellent solution to our labeling issue.
        Mackenzie Y.

        Information Technology, Consumer Goods


        Super simple clean and obvious functional design with no unnecessary clunky features like many other label solutions have. Integrates really well with excel sheets for printing vast arrays of data, including data variables for how many print quantities.
        Blake M.

        Broadcast Engineer


        Simple, easy pricing

        No hidden costs. A simple pricing system built for individuals and businesses.

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