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How do I fix an app or printer that is not responding?


It could be a misbehaving printer, the USB connection, or too large a spreadsheet.

*Too Long Didn't Read

If your Label LIVE app stopped responding there could be something wrong with the printer.

Check the Printer

  • Push the printer's button to eject one label. Did it work?

  • Check the printer is fully closed

  • Check for a paper jam

  • Is the printer getting power? Are you using the correct power brick/adapter?

USB Troubleshooting

  • Are you using a USB hub? Try plugging the printer directly into the computer.

  • Are you using a USB-C adapter? Sometimes these can cause strange issues on macOS. Try a different adapter. Strangely, cheaper USB-C adapters from Amazon seem to work better than more expensive ones from Apple.

Check Your Spreadsheet

If the freeze happens only when opening certain design documents you should check your spreadsheet for a huge number of rows or columns. Someone may have unintentionally added columns out to ZZZ, or a few hundred thousand rows. Oops!

Let Installer Finish (Windows)

The exe used to install Label LIVE will automatically launch the app when finished. If you reinstall and try launching Label LIVE before the installer finishes, the installer may abort and the Label LIVE installation may not open properly. To fix, run the installer one more time and let it completely finish.

Microsoft Windows Patches (Windows)

In 2021, Microsoft released a security patch to fix a "printer nightmare" security vulnerability. This update caused issues with some Zebra printer drivers. It might be worthwhile to temporarily roll back that update if you're having problems printing.

Try Turning Off and On

Other times, rebooting your computer may fix the issue. Try rebooting without the printer attached or powered on. Launch Label LIVE and then turn on and plugin your printer.

If you're still having issues please contact us with details of what you've tried and we will help you out.

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