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How do I install and purchase from this website?


Find directions for installing and purchasing Label LIVE products

Click "Download for Mac" button on the download page.

Locate the downloaded file. On Safari, the download progress is available in the upper-right of the screen.

Click the magnifying glass icon to show the downloaded file.

Double-click on the downloaded file (dmg) and you will see the Label LIVE icon.

Double-click the icon.

Press enter to continuing opening the app.

Press enter to "Move to Applications" folder.

Label LIVE Home Screen

Click on the yellow "Watermark will print" button (bottom) to show the License screen.

Enter your email address to signup for a Label LIVE license account. This account is completely separate from your Apple App Store account.

Note: If this screen says "Purchase" then you are using the Mac App Store version and you need to follow this guide, instead.

Follow the instructions in the email you receive. You will need to setup a password for this account. Once you setup the account, come back to this screen and click on the blue button "Buy and Manage Licenses."

Enter your username and password to login to your account. You will now see the licensing options.

You may either start a free trial, purchase a license or start a subscription. The new license will be emailed to you for future reference. Click the Install button if the license is not automatically installed.

Thank you for using Label LIVE. Please contact us if you have any issues with this process.

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