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Print Address Labels Using VCF Files

Export Your Contacts to a VCF File

If you already have a vcf file, then you can skip to the next step to print address labels. If not, exporting your contacts into vCard is straightforward. This example uses Apple's to generate vcf files.

There are multiple ways to export a vCard from Apple's

  • Select a group and click on the menu File > Export > Export vCard...

  • or, Right-click (ctrl-click) a contact group and select "Export Group vCard..."

  • or, Click on the group and drag to the desktop or another folder

Choose one of these techniques and create the vCard (.vcf) file.

Import the vCard or VCF File

Download and open Label LIVE:

  1. Open a new document in Label LIVE

  2. Click on the "Data" tab

  3. Click "Import"

  4. Choose your vCard and open vcf file.

  5. Verify that your contacts look đź‘Ť

Setup Label Text

Next you will add a Text object. This is where the address information will load. You do this using "variables." Variables are just a special way to insert the spreadsheet columns into your label.

  1. Click the Design Tab, Click "Text"

  2. Center the text on the label

  3. Change Wrap to None and make the Text object as wide as the label

  4. Set the anchor to be on center so the text always grows from the middle

  5. Insert the data variables

Here is the text to use in the Text box:


Print Labels

From here, you can create label PDFs or print directly to different printers. Check out the blog post at Mail Merge With Spreadsheet And Labels for more examples on how to generate address Sheets or batch images.

Export vCard as CSV

Label LIVE can export imported vCards as CSV. Just click the button representing the file you have open (e.g. Contacts.vcf) and click "Export..."

Sample Files

Download Label LIVE Today

Label LIVE is a great tool for generating and printing address labels. This example only uses a single text field, but with Label LIVE, you can include barcodes, images, shapes, and serial number functionality. These features are just a few clicks away.

Download Label LIVE