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Label Templates for Tear-off, Speciality Shapes or Preprinted Art

Speciality labels can present design challenges because parts of your label might be unprintable. With Label LIVE's non-printing objects, you can embrace the special conditions of your label and create rock solid design templates.

For example, you can...

  • Simulate pre-printed artwork

  • Define die-cut shapes where additional labels may be peeled

  • Show perforations where the label tears into multiple pieces

  • Call-out an unprintable area

Non-Print in One Click

To change any Design Object to become non-printing just click the eye icon and the object will fade and change to a yellow border.

Side-by-Side, 2-up, 3-up

Complex labels are often manufactured side-by-side with different individual purposes. For example, one "label" could contain a circle and a rectangle that peel separately. To create a guide for this, use dotted-outlined shapes.

The design can be simplified by changing the "Shape" of the Label to Hidden.

Perforations for Tear-off Labels

A single dotted line can show where a label has perforations.

Label LIVE is equally great for designing what does and what doesn't print.

Are you using non-printable objects? Let us know by Contacting Us. We love to hear from our users.

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