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Label Templates for Tear-off, Full Bleed, Speciality Shapes or Preprinted Art Teaser Image

Label Templates for Tear-off, Full Bleed, Speciality Shapes or Preprinted Art

Speciality labels can present design challenges because parts of your label might be unprintable. With Label LIVE's non-printing objects, you can embrace the special conditions of your label and create rock solid design templates.

For example, you can...

  • Simulate pre-printed artwork

  • Define die-cut shapes where additional labels may be peeled

  • Show perforations where the label tears into multiple pieces

  • Call-out an unprintable area

  • Define edges for full-bleed

  • Create new label boundaries to align a label design with reality

Non-Print in One Click

To change any Design Object to become non-printing just click the eye icon and the object will fade and change to a yellow border.

Side-by-Side, 2-up, 3-up

Complex labels are often manufactured side-by-side with different individual purposes. For example, one "label" could contain a circle and a rectangle that peel separately. To create a guide for this, use dotted-outlined shapes.

The design can be simplified by changing the "Shape" of the Label to Hidden.

Read more about side-by-side printing at...

Perforations for Tear-off Labels

A single dotted line can show where a label has perforations.

Marking Edges for Full-Bleed Printing

To print a full-bleed you will need to adjust the size of your label to be larger than needed. In this example of a 1"x1" label I increase the size by 0.125 (1/8") on each side, making for a 1.25" square label design.

Drag in an image designed to be full-bleed and you can adjust the sizing to make sure the design stays within the designated printing area.

To be clear, the entire bird image will print. The dotted line will not print. The dotted line indicates where a physical alteration or separation will occur: e.g. sticker peel, die cut, framing, etc.

New Label Boundaries

A custom label might be off-center due to some kind of printer alignment that's out of your control. To compensate, you can create a new boundary, effectively shifting the design down (left) by using a non-printing rectangle.

Which results in this rectangle being sent to the printer.

What You See Is What You Print

Label LIVE is equally great for designing what does and what doesn't print.

Are you using non-printable objects? Let us know by Contacting Us. We love to hear from our users.