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Easy to Use Barcode Duplicator

If you have a product or box with a barcode, you might want to change it somehow and add a new label on top of the old one.

Perhaps you need to add a different barcode with a prefix, a pack-date, a lot code, or a simple logo for your labels.

Label LIVE's intuitive drag and drop interface makes for an easy to use barcode duplicator.

How the Duplicator Works

For this example, we have a "source" barcode that we scan and a new label design that prints. We use the same kind of barcode (UPC-A symbology) for both the source and the new label design, and we also add a 2D barcode (QR Code) that could be used by customers to search a website for that UPC. In this example we search Google.

Feel free to use a different barcode symbology, so long as the data is compatible between the two kinds.

Design Your New Barcode Labels

To start the barcode duplicator process the new design will have two barcodes: UPC-A and a 2D barcode (QR Code). The design uses a variable named CODE to "load" the barcodes with the duplicated data.

On the Data tab, add a variable named CODE. Paste in your UPC data in the empty Value field.

Switch over to the Design tab, click Barcode, and click UPC-A. Set the Value to {CODE}. You can use the drop-down menu to easily select a variable value.

Add a 2D barcode (QR Code). Paste in this value:{CODE}

Position your barcodes. Your label design will look something like this:

Using the Data Form

Click on the Data tab twice and select Form. When you click the CODE value it will select the entire value, allowing you to scan and replace the data in the label. All of this will happen instantly for both barcodes. That is the power of designing labels with Label LIVE.

Hands-Free Barcode Label Printing

The real power is with a barcode scanner in-hand. With the text highlighted, try scanning a UPC barcode. If your scanner automatically "presses return" (sends an enter keystroke) at the end of a scanned barcode, then the labels will automatically print. You can turn off this functionality by hovering over the blue Print button and uncheck "Print on enter key."

Using a Real Printer

If you followed along, the Print tab has "Print Preview" selected. If so, the default PDF app will open. You can not scan more than one without having to switch back to Label LIVE. When you change to a real printer, Label LIVE will stay on the Form tab, allowing you to scan and duplicate multiple barcodes hands-free making the barcode duplicator process easy and quick.

Download Labels Design

Advanced Usage

If we did not cover your barcode duplicator use-case here, contact us and we will get back to you right away with a solution.